Welcome to Kogoruhn, home of Kogo, a dog who lives on the internet. I should never have been granted this much power, but now you all have to deal with the fact that some mastiff with thumbs has the ability to scream opinions at people about games and objects that are probably older than you. I'm not quite sure what you can expect just yet, aside from various bits of writing and imagery, but there's a good chance you're going to get a metric ton of junk that doesn't fit into any clean category. I'm already trying to figure out a cohesive way to display my favorite Flight Rising dragons, show some love to my ancient Neopets, and force you to care about my Morrowind screenshots.

But, if you're here, congratulations. No clue how you found me. Bookmark this and come back after I consult some Neopets tutorials, or do enough puppy dog eyes at my partner that he sidle up next to me and teach me what Neopets never could. Like, you know, how to make a link that works. That would be cool as fuck, wouldn't it? Goddamn. Endless possibilities.

But, yeah. No. If you wanna see stuff I do in the meantime, you can see my art here. But I'm looking forward to using this for that purpose instead.

Okay, bye. Love you all.